Marriage Is A Two-Way Street (Psychology Discussion)

In any discussion in psychology about marriage and relationship, truths are told. It is not one man’s effort because it is always a two-way street. Both individuals in the relationship have their obligations to make things work. Both of them are equally responsible for their actions, words, and behavior towards one another. Though perhaps some … Read moreMarriage Is A Two-Way Street (Psychology Discussion)

15 Signs That Your Marriage Is Over


Marriage is perceived to be a lovely relationship between a man and a woman. That is why single people would want to be married someday. Anyone could get married but staying married is not a simple thing. It takes sacrifices, patience and a lot of hard work. Some people can even develop depression or anxiety because of the issues that come with it.

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Aftermath Of Divorce: Does Your Child Need Therapy?

There comes the point in your life where you think: enough is enough. With marriage, the same principles apply. For whatever reason triggered your decision for divorce, you’ve probably also asked yourself—‘Will this affect my child? Should we continue to be together for the sake of our children?’ Thoughts such as these may cause feelings … Read moreAftermath Of Divorce: Does Your Child Need Therapy?

5 Effective Ways To Spot Anxiety In Children

According to statistics, approximately 5 to 10% of children around the world experience anxiety disorders. Unfortunately, not a lot of parents get to spot anxiety in their children. It could lead to the development of severe anxiety levels and even other mental health illnesses which children could carry until they grow up. So as early … Read more5 Effective Ways To Spot Anxiety In Children

5 Ways Divorce Counseling Can Save You

Divorce Counseling Can Save You Money

Divorce is physically, mentally and FINANCIALLY demanding. You may think that cutting divorce counseling may save you a lot of money, but actually, it’s not. You may be wasting your time and money ranting over the phone with your lawyer about how you feel. A lawyer has limited knowledge and training about counseling. Whatever you may tell your lawyer will just be disregarded unless it is legally significant. While venting out to your lawyer may help you feel better, venting to a divorce counselor may be of greater sense.

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Can Marriage Cause Depression?

It’s a wonderful feeling when we finally meet that special someone in our lives and decide to commit to them for eternity. It makes us feel safe and confident to fall in love. However, it comes with quite a shock when that feeling eventually fades away. When there’s a realization that we no longer want to be in a relationship, and the idea of being with our spouses for a lifetime freaks us out, there’s got to be a serious problem.


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