5 Ways Divorce Counseling Can Save You


Divorce Counseling Can Save You Money

Divorce is physically, mentally and FINANCIALLY demanding. “Divorce is one of the most stressful events anyone can ever experience.,” says Michelle Farris is a marriage and family therapist. You may think that cutting divorce counseling may save you a lot of money, but actually, it’s not. You may be wasting your time and money ranting over the phone with your lawyer about how you feel. A lawyer has limited knowledge and training in counseling. Whatever you may tell your lawyer will just be disregarded unless it is legally significant. While venting out to your lawyer may help you feel better, venting to a divorce counselor may be of greater sense.

Divorce Counseling Can Save You From Making Major Divorce Mistakes.

Studies have shown that stress hormones suppress your focus, promote short-term memory loss, and crush your ability for critical thinking. Stress overworks the amygdala, a brain part that regulates human emotion that makes the prefrontal cortex (the part of your brain which enables you to reason out rather than engage in critical thinking). Stress can cause you to be less decisive and will paralyze you even with small tasks. 

With the odds stacked against you, physically, emotionally and financially, you may make wrong decisions in your life. You need all the help you can get. You need divorce counseling to help you out so you can learn to process your emotions and avoid making mistakes that may affect you and your whole family. “Divorce creates emotional turmoil for the entire family, but for kids, the situation can be quite scary, confusing, and frustrating,” according to Amy Morin, LCSW. 


Divorce Counseling Can Save You From Starting A War

Living together with your spouse for quite a while means you know each other very well. You are also probably experts in provoking each other. Emotions are very hard to deal with and you may seem powerless to control it. When you poke your spouse, the other pokes back, and so WAR begins.

With the help of a divorce therapist, you may learn how to control emotional triggers so when your spouse starts to push you, you don’t immediately fight back.  Of course, counseling may not turn your divorce into a fantasy world where everything is in place. However, through counseling, you may be able to control your emotions, thus turning your melodramatic tone into a more controlled one.


Divorce Counseling Can Save You From The Greek Chorus

Every divorce is different. You may receive different advice, suggestions, and comments from the people around you. You may be told to do this and that. Well, what they are telling you is for the best as your family and friends, the people providing advice, people who love you.

However, the advice you get from a divorce counselor is more qualitatively a reliable one. Divorce counselors are trained in the proper ways of dealing with different emotions, divorce and “Greek chorus” as well.

A divorce counselor will teach how to deal with your emotions and how to communicate not just with your spouse but also how to handle the “Greek chorus” from others more effectively.


Divorce Counseling Can Save You From Feeling So Alone

You lose more than just your spouse in a divorce. The process is very traumatic. There is a feeling of losing almost everyone around you – even your self-identity as well.

With the help of a divorce counselor, your life is put back into perspective. He can hook you up with a divorce support group where you can find people who are going through the same tough times. This is an opportunity for you to vent about everything to people who may relate to you as they are undergoing the same process. Venting out is a great relief though.


Divorce Therapy Can Make A Gigantic Difference In Your Divorce

Coping with divorce is a painful process but seeking the help of a divorce counselor will make the process more bearable. According to Gwendolyn Seidman Ph.D., “Detaching from an ex-partner may be especially difficult for people who are anxiously attached in the first place.” If you take time managing the negative emotions you feel, you will be more ready to create a better life for yourself.