How Effective Is Couples Counseling?

Source: If you are one of the many couples who are currently troubled and broken, then undoubtedly you feel that there is no solution out of this distressed relationship. Misconceptions about the negative effects of couples therapy will only make you feel worse and helpless. But a seasoned New York Times publicist wrote that … Read moreHow Effective Is Couples Counseling?

Counseling For Children: Helping Them Get Through Their Parents’ Divorce

Source: When parents decide to go through a divorce, it can have debilitating effects for the children. They may feel like their future is bleak, and they have nothing to look forward to. Parents sometimes don’t realize this because they, too, are going through a difficult situation and may not be functioning as well … Read moreCounseling For Children: Helping Them Get Through Their Parents’ Divorce

An Overview On Individual Therapy (Psychotherapy)

Source: Individual therapy is a combined process between an individual in therapy and the therapist himself. One of its goals is to promote change or to improve one’s quality of life further. People decide to go to therapy for different reasons that are difficult to face by themselves. Individual therapy is also known as … Read moreAn Overview On Individual Therapy (Psychotherapy)

Marriage Is A Two-Way Street (Psychology Discussion)

In any discussion in psychology about marriage and relationship, truths are told. It is not one man’s effort because it is always a two-way street. Both individuals in the relationship have their obligations to make things work. Both of them are equally responsible for their actions, words, and behavior towards one another. Though perhaps some … Read moreMarriage Is A Two-Way Street (Psychology Discussion)

15 Signs That Your Marriage Is Over


Marriage is perceived to be a lovely relationship between a man and a woman. That is why single people would want to be married someday. Anyone could get married but staying married is not a simple thing. It takes sacrifices, patience and a lot of hard work. Some people can even develop depression or anxiety because of the issues that come with it.

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Aftermath Of Divorce: Does Your Child Need Therapy?

There comes the point in your life where you think: enough is enough. With marriage, the same principles apply. For whatever reason triggered your decision for divorce, you’ve probably also asked yourself—‘Will this affect my child? Should we continue to be together for the sake of our children?’ Thoughts such as these may cause feelings … Read moreAftermath Of Divorce: Does Your Child Need Therapy?

5 Ways Divorce Counseling Can Save You

Divorce Counseling Can Save You Money

Divorce is physically, mentally and FINANCIALLY demanding. You may think that cutting divorce counseling may save you a lot of money, but actually, it’s not. You may be wasting your time and money ranting over the phone with your lawyer about how you feel. A lawyer has limited knowledge and training about counseling. Whatever you may tell your lawyer will just be disregarded unless it is legally significant. While venting out to your lawyer may help you feel better, venting to a divorce counselor may be of greater sense.

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