How Individual Therapy Can Benefit Your Relationship


A person may experience personal challenges which could affect his overall wellbeing. Whether it is from too much stress from the current situation, depression from past circumstances, or anxiety of the future, individual therapy can help significantly. It aims to go deep into what’s causing the disturbance of the mind, affecting how a person functions in life and how he treats the people around him.


When you are in a relationship, and you feel like you are causing too much distress by displaying unpleasant attitudes, you can opt for individual therapy to address your issues. It is unfair to blame yourself purely when it comes to relationship issues because it always takes two to tango, but sometimes, there are specific issues that we have to deal with ourselves first before we can focus on our relationships.


How Can Individual Therapy Help Your Relationship?

  1. It addresses the bad behaviors that are causing you to hurt your partner. We all had a life before we got into a relationship, and there may be some experiences that shaped us into what we are right now. Sometimes, our visions differ from that of our partner, and it’s what’s causing the repeated misunderstandings.


  1. It helps you to understand yourself even more. There are instances where certain situations trigger your emotions. Words that once hurt you may provoke a suppressed anger. Individual therapy aims to get through all of these past issues to help you deal with them and finally move on. “Therapy is a great healthy habit to add to your self-care regimen. In therapy, you’ll learn skills and strategies to manage stress more effectively, elevate your mood and improve relationships,” says Dr. Jamie Long, a licensed psychologist.


  1. It makes you realize how you want to be as a person as well as your relationships. Now and then, when we get so caught up in our everyday troubles, we forget to think about our ideals and goals. We get affected by our negative emotions and ignore our aspirations. Often, our relationships suffer because we believe that our spouse will understand and stay by our side forever.


  1. It helps you recognize your desires and needs. Therefore, it is easier to communicate these things with your partner rather than getting mad if they could not read between the lines. Sometimes, you need to voice out what you want and try not to assume that your partner can read minds. “We manifest and build our strength when we express and own our weakness,” shares Noam Shpancer Ph.D.
  1. It straightens out your expectations when it comes to what you want from your relationship. It stops you from placing too much pressure on your partner. They are not perfect. There are things that you would surely disagree on, and individual therapy makes you realize that we all have unique personalities. In a relationship, it is not always about compatibility but compromise.


Individual therapy sounds personal in a way, but it is deep within us that we can see through our drives and how they are affecting our relationships. Indeed it is not right to blame ourselves for our relationship troubles, but it is wrong not to do anything to better ourselves for the benefit of our relationships. Working on ourselves is the first step in dealing with our relationship issues because it is, after all, us who are in the commitment. According to Ryan Howes, Ph.D, a clinical psychologist in Pasadena, Calif., “Therapy is like taking a course where you are the topic. Enjoy the journey and soak in every tidbit you can; you never know when it might come in handy.”