Why You Need Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a method used to identify certain issues amongst ourselves that could be causing a mental health problem or could be hindering success. It is conducted by a licensed therapist or psychologist and would usually be around eight sessions or more depending on your progress.

There are certain issues in life that may be causing us to feel stressed or worried. Sometimes, we couldn’t sort them out on our own. We need the help of other people, specifically professional therapists, to help us identify our stressors and help us find a solution or a way to cope with it. “The key is how often you are feeling this sense of distress, how bad it gets, and how long it lasts; that is what can help determine the seriousness of your situation,” says Abby Aronowitz, Ph.D., the director of SelfHelpDirectives.com.

Source: columbuspsychological.com


Reasons to Seek Individual Therapy

  • Bad breakups

Ending a relationship that has influenced our lives in so many ways can be difficult, especially if it ended pretty badly. It will take a lot of time and processing before one can move on.

  • Loss or Death of Someone Important

Loss of someone who we got used to, someone we made our plans with, or someone in the family is always a dreadful life experience. Nothing can ever prepare us for losing someone we love.

  • Job loss

Our job provides our means of stability and self-worth. If we lose our job, we lose both, causing us to panic or sometimes self-pity.

  • Failures and Frustrations

Nt all choices we’ve done in our lives turned out well. Some are bad, and some are choices we just want to take back and redo. Failures and frustrations are like poison in our heads, stopping us from moving forward because we are scared to try again.

  • Health problems

Health is wealth, or health is everything. Certain medical health conditions could turn our lives upside down, like chronic diseases. When you are unhealthy, it limits the things you can do in life and could mess with your plans. It brings fear because one minute you’re immortal, then one minute you’re not.

Source: eocinstitute.org

Signs You Need an Individual Therapy

  • You constantly worry about a certain issue or problem.
  • You feel anxious and depressed most of the time.
  • You feel angry towards yourself and others.
  • You feel unexplainable fatigue.
  • You feel uninterested most of the time.

“Emotional exhaustion is wider-ranging and longer-lasting than ‘a bad week,” says clinical psychologist Deborah Offner, Ph.D.

Once you decide to have individual therapy, your psychologist will help you figure out what’s causing the problem. It could be subconscious or something that had happened in the past. It could be things that you don’t admit are affecting you. Your psychologist will ask questions and gather information from you to have a deeper understanding of your situation.

Your psychologist could ask about your past and current relationships, family, job, or anything that has something to do with you. These may all contribute to whatever is bothering you. Your psychologist will determine the trigger of the problem or the underlying cause. Being able to open up is imperative for the proper course of treatment. According to Avery Neal, M.A., L.P.C., “Many women do not know how to cope with change and depending on the severity or amount of trauma the change has inflicted, women can face a difficult and painful time.”

Seeking individual therapy is a healthy way to deal with our problems, especially for those who do not have anyone around. It is unwise to keep all our worries to ourselves because this can cause more serious problems in our health. Ask help from licensed professionals who have thorough experience in helping individuals who have difficulties in dealing with their problems in life.