How Phobias Can Affect Our Everyday Lives


How can you stay in love if you have spent more than a decade with the same person? Is there a way to keep the fire burning?

Some say it’s the little things that count. They are the small gestures that fuel our marriage, and if we forget to do these little things, we lose the flare that keeps the fire burning.

What are these small things that we could do every day to fuel our relationship with our better half?

1.    Say Thank You

2.    Say Please

Whenever you ask for a favor or even for small things like passing the creamer, don’t forget to say please. It is a sign that you respect and acknowledge them as a partner and not as someone who does things for you.

3.    Do Small Acts of Kindness

Make him coffee in the morning. This little thought is a big sign that you care. Morning is the best time of the day to show kindness as we create hope for a better day ahead.

4.    Keep Your Promises

Your words are always words of hope. Once you break a promise, your spouse will remember it, so make sure only to make assurances your spouse can hold on to, so each one you make is credible.


5.    Kiss or Hug Goodbye

Some couples don’t kiss or hug goodbye anymore, but this is essential in showing our partner we love them. Don’t let him out the door without kissing him goodbye, so wherever he goes, he will remember the sweet gesture you made before he left the house.

6.    Cuddle in the Morning

Sometimes, our day is so busy with tasks that we forget to spend just a few seconds to cuddle our spouse. Cuddling shows how much we miss them and how much we don’t want to let go. Do this every morning and see how good the rest of the day can be.

7.    Keep the Bedroom Pleasant

The bedroom is where couples share their hopes, dreams, failures, and frustrations. It is where they share intimate moments that make the marriage stronger. Make sure that positive energy fills the room by keeping it pleasant to the senses.

8.    Send a Simple “Hey, How Are You?” Text Message

This simple act can make your spouse’s day complete. It will make him think that someone cares for him no matter how his day goes.


Keeping the fire burning is a challenge. Don’t let the rain put out the fire. Marriage is something to work on to work out. It is a vow exchanged by two people who agreed to be one no matter what. Remember it, and practice it each day every day.