Remember Your Part In Keeping The Family Intact




The family is the basic and essential unit of society. All of us belong to one. It could be a small or big group of individuals connected to function as one. A family is bonded by blood or affection and comes with respect then creates something that disturbs the harmony within the family, and a domino effect happens. “Family values are key factors in shaping ideas around success,” according to Edie Weinstein, MSW, LSW.

  • The father is the leader of the family. He is
  • Fathers seldom forget that their first main responsibility was becoming a husband to his wife, the mother. All of us will agree, especially the wives, that “a happy wife means a happy life.” A husband should make an effort and invest time in the wellbeing of his wife.
  • The father should be the backbone of the family. Help the children to be strong and confident by teaching them firmly about what is right and what is wrong.
  • Be someone your son would hope to be and a man your daughter would wish to marry.
  • The mother is the heart of the home. She is the keeper, making sure that everything is at its best for the benefit of the whole family. She serves as a beacon that lights the path for the whole family.
  • Mothers often make the children her top priority that she forgets about his husband. The husband may have the strength and power, but it is the mother that he sees the path because she carries the light. It is through her that he gathers strength because she is the cultivator of love.
  • It is next to impossible, but a mother should be able to control her love for her children sometimes. She must learn when the right time to say no is. Under no circumstances, she should bypass her husband, unless he’s already leading them to the wrong path.
  • We all have said white lies, and mothers always tend to do this because they bring balance and order. As much as possible, they want peace and harmony, and they try to avoid anything that disturbs that. What happens to transparency and “honesty is the best policy?”

Open communication is the key. Mothers should be brave enough to confront an ugly truth than hide them in white sugar frosting.

  • The children are the precious gems of the family. They bring happiness, and they are the symbol of hope for the future. The children are like seeds that we plant in our garden of life.
  • Children sometimes forget to show gratitude. A simple act of making coffee for their parents or helping with the chores shows they appreciate everything their parents do.
  • Children should work hard to be the best that they can be, just as much as their father works hard to put a meal on the table or as much as their mother works hard to make the home comfortable.
  • Children should be a source of joy and inspiration, a reminder to the parents of why they are working hard.

The family is like a system. It is a group of individuals who share their dreams and aspirations. Each part of the system has a role to play, and somewhere along the way, someone might fail, or something might come up that would bring disturbance to the family. According to psychologist Hameeda Bassa-Suleman, “It is imperative for families to spend time together in order to facilitate bonding.”

When things go bad, everyone in the family all has the same responsibility to fulfill, and that is to try to work things out to keep the family intact. If the problem is too big that nobody in the family knows how to work things out, they may seek the help of a professional family counselor to intervene. Sometimes, it will take someone from outside of the picture to see what’s wrong with it. “Deciding what you will and won’t compromise is just as essential and this starts with being honest with the impact your family is having and listening to what your instinct is telling you to do next,” says Karl Melvin, Counsellor and Psychotherapist.