Signs You Are An Emotionally Unstable Person


In life, both opportunities and hindrances to success are disguised in many forms. It is hard to figure out which is which because we may have grown used to a situation making us unaware of its impact on our lives. For instance, our behavior is based on our life experiences. We learn to change and adapt to our environment and the people in it.

It is sometimes hard to tell and accept our imperfections because we tend to compare ourselves to others making us ignore the faults in us. We may say, “He’s even worse. Why would I…” Sometimes, we ignore that we are emotionally unstable because the people around us make it seem like we’re all the same and ordinary. But yes, most likely when you are emotionally unstable, the people around you are, too.

Signs You Are Emotionally Unstable:

  1. You Lie

“The most common reason for lying is to self-protect. There might be a real consequence or a perceived one that a person is trying to defend themselves against,” says Christine Hammond, MS, LMHC.

“Though shall not lie.” It is a universal code yet you ignore it.  There are instances when we tell little lies that has little to no significance at all, but when you are used to saying things other than the truth that sometimes it already confuses you about what’s real and what’s not, then there is absolutely something wrong with you.

“Pathological lying is something that has negatively affected many people, even professionals, who are often unaware of the psychiatric instability or personality disorder of the liar,” according to Támara Hill, MS, LPC.

  1. You Are Anxious

“Anxiety is a reaction to a situation we perceive as stressful or dangerous,” Monique Reynolds, Ph.D., licensed clinical psychologist says.

You cannot relax and tend to always worry about things that you can’t really change. If you are tired, you rest. Never go rushing to that hasn’t seize to exist yet. Stressors are everywhere and being anxious is slowly being a trend. No one’s to blame because this world has trained us to adapt quickly to change, and sometimes, some people don’t just want to catch up, they want to be ahead.

  1. You Cannot Decide

Decision making is happening every second of every day. It is up to us where we want to spend our time on, and some people find it hard to make choices, even the simplest one. Sometimes, we are caught up in a situation where we need to decide where to eat, and it stresses us if we cannot come up with an answer. Emotionally stable persons treat these little choices as it is, but when you are emotionally unstable, you make a big deal out of the littlest decision that you cannot make.

  1. You Find Someone To Blame

Emotionally unstable people are most likely unaware of their flaws and weaknesses, or if they are, they think that they have a justifiable reason and that people should accept and adjust for them. They never take defeat, and they blame somebody else for everything that goes wrong. It’s as if they can never make mistakes.

  1. You Are Always Online

Emotionally unstable people tend to rely their decisions and identity on social media. They seek approval from other people they do not know and ask for validation of their thoughts and feelings from someone who reads their post.

Being emotionally unstable is undeniably a hindrance to becoming successful in life, may it be career or relationship. When you think you have the signs mentioned above, maybe it is time for you to consider having an individual or online therapy through BetterHelp. (You can learn about the platform more when you visit their YouTube or Instagram page.)

It is never a wrong decision to better oneself. Who knows asking for professional help could be the first step towards obtaining the better things in life?