The Importance Of Family Meals According To 2014 Memphis Family Counseling Seminar

Going to events like the 2014 Memphis Family Counseling Seminar never fails to enlighten the attendees about the different ways to keep your familial relationship intact. One may initially assume that it’s innate in every member of the family, whether you’re a parent or a child. However, the number of brothers, sisters, moms, and dads who do not talk to each other due to misunderstandings indicate the opposite of that.

Now, an aspect that the keynote speakers emphasized is the importance of sharing meals as a family. The reason is that the activity does the following.



1. It Allows The Group To Talk Extensively

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner can take anywhere from ten to 20 minutes. In that short period, the members of the family can already talk about their plans for the day, as well as what problems they encountered or resolved. It seemsĀ ideal to do it while eating instead of when you’re all in front of the TV since there’s not much to distract the flow of conversation.

2. It Helps Everyone To Avoid Developing Eating Disorders

Being able to open up to your family over a meal regarding the things that concern you may prevent the developmentĀ of anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders. That is especially true for young children and teenagers who tend to get affected by beauty standards. With the adults’ reassurance that they are more than enough, though, they might listen to the elders better than to what others say.



3. It Enables The Parents To Improve Kids’ Habits

Spending a mealtime with mom and dad can also let the youngsters see how someone should behave in front of the food. One thing that religious families do is utter a short prayer before digging in, and some parents teach kids how to do that almost as soon as they can speak. Others like to give their children lessons about table manners and not being picky.

Consider eating with your family as often as possible from now on to boost your relationship. Good luck!