Therapy 101 – What To Do When You Think Your Wife Might Be Cheating On You

It is entirely common for marriage to experience misunderstandings. That is part of every relationship. Some factors affect it, such as financial strain, parenting style, the difference in opinions, social networks, etc. Sometimes, it gets easy to end up just ignoring things only to avoid conflict. But what if the thoughts are becoming worse than just thinking about the petty argument? What about those sleepless nights that a person questions himself about the doubts he might have? As far as everybody knows, marriage can easily fall when one of the couples can’t handle infidelity and affair.

Usually, women get to experience heartbreak and emotional stress from cheating instances. Perhaps that is because males are often considered the Alpha ones. There is something about them that gets connected to monogamy even back in the early days. But how different would it be when it is your wife who commits the mistake? The answer to this question might vary from one person to another, and there is no entirely acceptable reason for this act. Nevertheless, you can do things to make peace with your mind whenever you feel like your wife might be cheating on you.


Read The Signs

Cheating comes in various forms and is often hard to detect, especially when you do not know what your wife entirely wants with the relationship. Fortunately, soon enough, you will be able to see signs that will tell you about the betrayal. It would often start with small behavioral changes where she might feel disconnected, self-centered, and demanding. She will soon forget about taking care of you, start ignoring you, and become more focused on herself. At first, you might find that usual. But when the disconnection gets accompanied by excuses, you might want to consider taking time to reflect on the marital situation.

Talking about reflecting, a negative thought can constantly come up when you don’t communicate. Thus, before jumping to conclusions, it would always be best to talk about the sudden changes you noticed with your wife’s behavior. Of course, if she would turn out guilty, you can expect two things to happen. Either she denies that she’s having an affair, or she strongly admits to doing it. Note that results from these answers vary as well. Your wife might feel attacked and retaliate, or she might feel guilty and apologize.


Ask And Be Calm

Sometimes the truth that you are always looking for lies in your ability to form an answerable question delivered in a soft and comforting tone. It would be easy to go berserk, especially when you are mixed with lots of emotions. Who wouldn’t on that mental and emotional state of doubts and fear? But you need to think about it. Before you get caught up with rage and end up hurting your wife, you can try asking her specific questions that she would feel open to discuss. Try your best to stay calm so that you won’t end up receiving more mental and emotional damage than what you are already enduring.

Understandably, the asking part is hard, and every hurtful answer might bring you to your knees. But you need to stay calm as much as possible for you to be able to get all the explanations and answers that you deserve. Be mindful that you also have the right to feel your emotions when you happen to know everything.


Let It Go

Say that you already asked your wife about some of the worrying thoughts you have about her regarding your doubts about her cheating on you. If you feel that your wife is lying and is not cooperating in telling you the truth, you better choose to let it go. Always remember that a person who is cheating will soon get tired of hiding the act. Sooner or later, your wife will have the guts to tell it one way or another. In times like this, you have to focus on your mental and emotional health. Do not allow yourself to get pulled by negative emotions because you might end up losing control.

Letting go of the doubts and fear is not a sign of acceptance that cheating is happening in your marriage. Instead, it is a way to face reality despite the uncertainties you and your wife are dealing with. If you find out the truth, you might be able to handle the pain and agony because you already taught yourself to pay attention to your reactions, behaviors, and emotions.


Again, every marital situation is different from one couple to another. These tips might work well with others but might not be that helpful to you. So regardless of the unfavorable truth that you might get from listening to your wife, always remember that you have to secure your overall well-being despite everything you go through.