Therapy For My ASD/ADHD Child



The teachers of my son sort of pushed me to have him assessed by a neurodevelopmental pediatrician. A neurodevelopmental pediatrician is a specialist that engages in the interactive therapy of young children with issues like Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD, Tourette Syndrome, and other conditions relating to behavioral disorders, learning disabilities, and sensory deficits. They want me to subject my son to a doctor so that he can find faults in him – that was my thinking back then.


I Was The Difficult Mom


I raised my eyebrows at these teachers for implying that my son is disabled. He can walk adequately and talk reasonably well. I could understand his words, and it’s their loss if they can’t comprehend him. Sure, he speaks gibberish at times, but he is four years old! It is typical for kids like him to do that.


My son also loves going to school, and he has friends. If something was wrong with him, then he won’t want to go to school. He will not have friends. My son, if he was disabled in any way, will just stay at home.


What Made Me Bring Him To A DevPed




That was me being difficult when his teachers asked me to bring him to a developmental pediatrician. But in Kindergarten, I was forced to do it. His Kinder teacher said that if my son was diagnosed with a condition (it’s like as if she was expecting it) and if I follow up with treatment, they are going to ladder him to the first grade even if he fails. I liked the idea and set up an appointment.


In the Philippines, we were residing there at that time for work-related reasons, and they only had a handful of neurodevelopmental pediatricians

“A Developmental Pediatrician is, first and foremost, a pediatrician — A doctor with specialty training in the care of children and certified by the American Board of Pediatrics, who brings a child- and family oriented perspective to the evaluation process. Developmental Pediatricians have additional training that focuses on the assessment and management of developmental problems,” according to James Coplan MD.

The Results Of His Test



The dev ped recommended various therapy programs to address his developmental delays and behavioral issues. I asked him if my son can function well when he matures, and his answer was a big yes. The dev ped assured me that with proper help, he is a high-functioning ASD person. Now, there was a label. My son is an “ASD person.” It hurt too much, but I had to be strong.


Treatment Programs For ASD/ADHD Kids


Speech Therapyspeech therapy, he was able to overcome the issue, and we ceased the program.




Educational Therapy – My son had difficulty reading, and so he spent twice a week for six months with a learning specialist. He completed two reading courses, and I was satisfied with their assistance on my son. Right now, my son has a private tutor who helps him with his phonics, and he is assertively reading words on his own. It’s slow, but at least he has the confidence to do it.


Occupational Therapy – “The purpose of occupational therapy can best be described by the profession’s motto, “Occupational therapy: living life to its fullest.” All individuals have a right to live life to its fullest. An occupational therapist can help people consider not only their needs, strengths, abilities, and interests, but also their physical, social, and cultural environment,” according to Monica Jackman, MHS, OTR/L, CAPS. Last year, the therapy was three times a week. After a few months, it was decreased to twice weekly. Right now, almost a year after the first session, my son is seeing his OT every Saturday. The therapist is shaping his behavior, and the improvement is astounding. He doesn’t hit himself anymore when he gets frustrated unlike before, and he will try his best to control his hyperactiveness.

“There are three subtypes of ADHD – hyperactive, inattentive, or the combination hyperactive/inattentive. Sometimes children with the inattentive subtype, particularly girls, get overlooked for attention issues. They are the ones twirling their hair, looking out the window, daydreaming, clueless about what is going on. Be aware that not all children with ADHD have hyperactive or impulsivity features,” according to Joni Mahler, M.Ed., ET/P.

There’s a lot of things to help him with but with his OT regularly assisting, I am relieved.


A Piece Of Important Advice


When your child’s teacher tells you that your son or daughter must meet a developmental pediatrician, don’t doubt. Have your child checked as soon as possible. They will offer that advice because they know better, and as teachers, they are skilled to do so. Listen to them and don’t be stubborn like me. I could have helped my son when he was four, but I was too proud and postponed his treatment for almost three years. At least now, he is getting the treatment that he needs, and I am so grateful for the intervention.