Tips From A Psychiatrist: Simple Ways Mothers Can Keep The Family Relationship Tight



“Motherhood is all-consuming. There are parts of who we were before we had children that get lost. I voluntarily stopped work and embraced motherhood wholeheartedly. I felt like I had less value in society’s eyes because I only contributed within my own family.” This was the personal recount of a licensed psychologist named Kellie Edwards.

The role of the mother in keeping the family relationship healthy is vital. She is the keeper of the house and the wellbeing of every family member. They say that “A happy wife makes a happy life.” Yes, indeed! But it basically means that when a mother has a healthy state of mind, she is more capable of taking care of the household. 


According to a psychiatrist, the psychological health of the mother has the most significant impact on the entire family. If a mother is confident and lively, her family is more likely to develop a happy and bright perspective towards life. If a mother is grumpy and gloomy on the other hand, there is a high chance that everyone prefers to be anywhere else but home. “When you’re living with any kind of chronic or severe illness, like mental illness, diabetes or cancer, there are times when your functioning will be compromised by that illness,” said Joanne Nicholson, Ph.D.


Here Are A Few Simple Tips From A Psychiatrist For Mothers On How To Maintain A Healthy Relationship Inside The House: 

  1. Cook a variety of food that will encourage the whole family to look forward to going home and having meals together. There is always something special when everyone in the family can boast about how good the food in the house is. Learn new recipes. With the vastness of the information we can find on the internet, mothers can choose from millions of dishes from all the cuisines worldwide.  
  2. Keep the house tidy. If it’s possible, throw away all the clutter of the things the family doesn’t need. It is okay to be a hoarder as long as there is a designated place to keep all of it. Don’t pile your collections on the living room. Remember that not everyone is delighted to see the things you are fond of collecting. Keep everything in its place because an organized house will promote a more focused and clear mind. 
  3. Don’t nag at your husband or yell at the kids. Mothers are understandably stressed most of the time, but it is vital that they know that peace and harmony in the house depend on their mood. If the mother is grumpy, it is likely that everyone will stay in their bedrooms and wait until she is calm. 

  4. Invest in the family’s health. Be mindful of everything you prepare on the table. Make sure that you provide your family with proper nutrition, so everyone is not prone to illness. Health is wealth indeed, and when you are a mother, you know that this is the utmost priority. 
  5. Make the house smell good. Buy air purifier or freshener. Good smell promotes a positive mood, therefore creating a comfortable and pleasant place for the whole family. It will also make everyone look forward to coming home and smell the relaxing aroma in the house. 

“In families, depression experienced by the mother has a key impact on the child’s well-being. In Finland, the maternity clinic system functions well, but attention should be paid to depressive symptoms among mothers over a longer period: from the pregnancy through to the end of the child’s first year of age,” says Dr. Johanna Pietikäinen. The behavior and personality of a mother are vital in determining the future of a household. Sometimes, mothers are too distressed and are unaware of the unfavorable effects of their offensive behavior on each of the family member. They should always keep in mind that mothers are not just housekeepers but are also responsible for the healthy state of mind of everyone under her care. 

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