When Will The Pandemic End

Since the start of the year 2020, there are a lot of disasters that the world experienced only in its first quarter. There is the sudden eruption of Taal Volcano, Australian and Amazon bushfire, earthquakes in Turkey and the Caribbean, devastating floods in Indonesia, Ukrainian jetliner crash in Iran, and communal riots in Delhi. But the worst phenomenon that until now the world keeps on battling is the spread of the Coronavirus.

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What Started All Of This?

It has been almost half a year since the outbreak started in China last 2019 of November. It was believed to originate from a small market that supplies all kinds of animals, endangered and domestic, that was served for human consumption. The Coronavirus, in particular, was believed to come from bats. That is why when people found out that a restaurant offered a soup with bats on it, they immediately assumed it was the first case of COVID-19.

From then on, the spread went through different countries, infecting and killing different people worldwide. It was seemed like an isolated incident at first affecting a few couples of individuals in a particular province of Wuhan, China. However, the virus’s unnoticeable symptoms, unfortunately, spiraled into a global disaster. And the worst part, there is no cure for the spreading diseases yet. And people can only flatten the curve by practicing social distancing and frequent hand washing.

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Why Does It Cause Mental Torture?

It is physically impossible to go any reputable news source without hearing or seeing updates about the current state of the outbreak. People worldwide get bombarded with anxiety-inducing reports about the virus’s latest infection, number and death tolls. It creates mental torture because people can no longer think properly due to fear. There is the worry of getting infected and being unable to make it, and an emotional burden to infecting other people, especially an individual’s loved one. There is a concern about living life with uncertainty.

The global pandemic changed the lives of millions of people around the world and left them unable to do what they usually do. People are now trying to get by with the new normal. That is where they keep their mask on and sanitize their hands frequently. There is a restriction on how people should socialize as well.

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What Expectations Are There?

People are required to quarantine or socially distance themselves from others to stop or lessen the spread of the virus. However, not all individuals are eager to listen and follow such a protocol. Thus, the increase of COVID-19 related cases went up. However, some experts already pointed out that there is no way people would pay much attention to the virus spread because they are too focused on economic stability. Therefore, the option of stopping the disease may end up in horrific costs.

Way back in history, when the world suffered from a pandemic, the government’s health experts used to do nothing but to focus on finding a cure. That is because it knows people will never listen. That is where the term “herd immunity” originated. It is the process of allowing the spread of the virus (intentionally or not) to determine who are the ones that can recover from the infection without doing anything at all. It would be assumed that individuals who survived the virus would develop antibodies that will support the future advancement of the COVID-19 cure.

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Going back to the question “when will the pandemic ends?” the uncertainty is on its max level. Apart from the growing number of infections, there is still no sign of developed cure from the medical fields. Therefore, a convenient way to fight this global pandemic is to continue quarantine and social distancing until an effective vaccine can be developed.