Why You Need Couples Counseling Before Marriage

[Invest In Something You Want To Last]

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Marriage is a lifetime commitment, and that means to put your 100% to it. Often, people get so caught up in the feeling of being in love that they forget a relationship is more than just rainbows and butterflies. There are several things to take into consideration especially if they haven’t been dating for a long while. “[I]f we have the tools to understand, empathize, listen to and connect with our partners within and outside of conflict, we can have the fulfilling relationships that we were meant to have,” according to licensed marriage and family therapist Robyn D’Angelo.

Couples counseling benefits a relationship in different ways. There are studies in BetterHelp website that show that couples who underwent a premarital couples counseling are less likely to end up in divorce, so if you are decided to settle down with someone, consider having a couples counseling to help strengthen your relationship and its future.

“We often think of marital therapy as a last resort. We assume that only couples with “serious” issues should seek it. We assume that only couples in dire straits can benefit. But all couples can enhance their relationship by learning the skills taught in couples therapy,” says Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S.

Benefits Of Couples Counseling:


It Addresses Differences

No couple is 100% compatible with each other. There are specific attitude, character, or habit that is disagreeable to the other party. It is essential that all issues be laid down on the table to avoid any surprises when a couple decides to live together. It will prevent a sudden burst of the feeling of regret. It is like getting to know each other formally with the help of a professional who can identify the important things to tackle.


It Helps Deal With The Past

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All people have a life before marriage. They have made mistakes which may still be bothering them emotionally. They should learn to deal with the guilt and let go as this can hinder their growth personally affecting their relationships and decisions. It is vital that all issues in the past be treated as they are – past. It will make way for the other party to understand their partner’s character, may it be good or bad.


It Paves The Way For The Future

Couples counseling creates opportunities. It helps both parties to understand each other’s goals and aspirations in life. The counselor helps discuss plans including financial matters. It provides the couple with a clear vision of how they want their future to be.


It Allows Self-Actualization

Marriage is the coming together of two unique individuals, and the knowledge of oneself is vital in determining success whether personal or marital. Each should have the best grasp of one’s strengths and weaknesses. It is important always to use each other’s abilities to advantage. If a couple is aware of their capabilities, they have a better chance of succeeding in marriage and all other aspects of life.


It Helps Improve Communication

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Communication is the key to achieving an exceptional relationship. It brings transparency; therefore, it is easier to decide on important matters. For instance, they could openly admit whether or not they are happy in their career. They do not have to pretend to be able to impress their partner. It is essential because if one is not pleased with his job, he and his partner will both suffer in the long run because it will affect the mental and emotional health of the concerned party.

According to marriage counselor Gary Chapman, “Each of us speaks a different “love language,” of which there are five: words of affirmation; acts of service; receiving gifts; quality time; and physical touch.” This we all need to understand and address – couples counseling can attempt to achieve this.

Couples counseling is helpful in preparing for marriage. It provides a stronger foundation. Everybody knows it is never a smooth ride. We are often all ready to dive into anything when we are in love, but making preparations for something we treat special shows that we care. It is like investing in something we want to last. Marriage, after all, is a lifetime commitment.

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