5 Ways Divorce Counseling Can Save You


Divorce Counseling Can Save You Money

Divorce is physically, mentally and FINANCIALLY demanding. “Divorce is one of the most stressful events anyone can ever experience.,” says Michelle Farris is a marriage and family therapist. You may think that cutting divorce counseling may save you a lot of money, but actually, it’s not. You may be wasting your time and money ranting over the phone with your lawyer about how you feel. A lawyer has limited knowledge and training in counseling. Whatever you may tell your lawyer will just be disregarded unless it is legally significant. While venting out to your lawyer may help you feel better, venting to a divorce counselor may be of greater sense.

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Can Marriage Cause Depression?

It’s a wonderful feeling when we finally meet that special someone in our lives and decide to commit to them for eternity. It makes us feel safe and confident to fall in love. However, it comes with quite a shock when that feeling eventually fades away. “Once we have made the decision that we have found the person we want to be with and commit to, the work begins. A big part of that work is making many other choices,” according to Kurt Smith, Psy.D., LMFT, LPCC, AFC. When there’s a realization that we no longer want to be in a relationship, and the idea of being with our spouses for a lifetime freaks us out, there’s got to be a serious problem.

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Remember Your Part In Keeping The Family Intact


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The family is the basic and essential unit of society. All of us belong to one. It could be a small or big group of individuals connected to function as one. A family is bonded by blood or affection and comes with respect then creates something that disturbs the harmony within the family, and a domino effect happens. “Family values are key factors in shaping ideas around success,” according to Edie Weinstein, MSW, LSW.

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What To Do Before Getting A Divorce

It is imperative that a couple goes through counseling before deciding to get a divorce. The couple needs to see the bigger picture of the situation and assess for themselves if getting separated is the best option. A counselor will try to help them sort out what’s causing the marriage to fail and will help them realize if it’s repairable or not. “Detaching from an ex-partner may be especially difficult for people who are anxiously attached in the first place,” says Gwendolyn Seidman Ph.D.

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When The Music Fades: 5 Simple Signs You Need A Couples Counseling

“It takes two to tango,” they say. What if the music faded, or one wanted to dance to a different tune? Getting into a relationship can be hard, but staying in one is the real challenge. A couple is composed of two different individuals that no matter how compatible they are, there are going to be differences and misunderstandings along the way.

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